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Partner with us

Join the revolution in backpacking hospitality with Young Monk Hostel & Cafe, a chain that embodies the essence of exploration and community. With properties nestled in three picturesque locations, Young Monk offers a unique partnership opportunity that combines the charm of a cafe-based hostel experience with the thrill of travel.


Our brand represents the epitome of backpacker culture, providing a warm and welcoming atmosphere that resonates with travelers seeking authentic experiences. With a strong focus on quality, service, and innovation, Young Monk has quickly become a favorite among backpackers and travelers alike.

As we expand our footprint, we are looking for partners who share our passion for adventure and hospitality. Whether you're interested in investing in our hostel chain, exploring franchise opportunities, collaborating as a B2B agent, entering into a joint venture, or engaging in cross-selling, Young Monk offers a partnership that promises growth and success.


Become a part of the Young Monk family and join us in our mission to redefine backpacking hospitality. Send your inquiries today by clicking the form below to explore the exciting partnership opportunities available with Young Monk.

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