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YM Volunteer Program

3 Backpacking Hostels

3 Mountain Cafes

10+ Fixed Departure Tour Locations

Are you someone who loves meeting new people, discovering new places, and being part of a vibrant community? Do you have a passion for travel and a desire to learn something new every day, all while exploring multiple destinations for free?

If so, Young Monk has the perfect opportunity for you. Calling all travellers out there! Experience the authentic backpacker lifestyle with us and uncover the many facets of living and working in diverse locations.

If you value travel experiences over boredom, then join YM Volunteer Program for an adventure of a lifetime.


What work does YM Volunteer Program entail?

Content creation:

Pic or it didn’t happen right? Whip out your content creation skills and record photos, videos, testimonials, make reels and get featured on our 600k+ strong social media handles.

Community engagement:

Be a core part of the team that is responsible for guest experiences at the hostel. Curate tours and excursions, make groups, lead day tours and help spread the good word for reviews.

Welcoming & helping Guest :

Welcoming & helping guestsPractice your sweetest smile and get ready to introduce guests to the hostel, to all events happening there and to other like minded travellers at the location.

Live events:

Love interactions as much as we do? Get ready to be responsible for ideating, planning, collaborating and executing various in house events and game nights for our guests.


Benefits of Joining YM Volunteer Program:

  • Comfortable Accommodation

  • Meals Included

  • Letter of Recommendation

  • Free Content Copyright

  • Opportunity to Join Us Full Time

Eligibility Criteria:

  • Minimum 18 Years Of Age

  • Basic Understanding Of Hostel Operation

  • Excellent Communication Skills In English

  • Basic Social Skills

  • Basic Marketing Skills

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